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  • Permobil C Series C400

    Permobil C Series C400

    Works with all seating options 

    BRACKET: Q04BR075

  • Permobil C Series C500

    Permobil C Series C500

    Please measure wheelchair clearance. Ground clearance varies between 2.5″ – 3″ depending on factory options and settings (ie: attendant driver controls, actuating seats, wheels, etc…). We also recommend use of QLK-150 for additional clearance.  Works with all seating options.

    BRACKET: Q04BR075

  • Permobil Chairman 2K (C2K)

    Permobil Chairman 2K (C2K)

    BRACKET: Q04BR075

  • Permobil Chairman 2S (C2S)

    Permobil Chairman 2S (C2S)

    BRACKET: Q04BR075